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who we are

Mariam Marketing Solutions is a mission oriented and reliable company in the Digital Marketing industry. We pride ourselves in the provision of digital business solutions that make us unique in the online industry. We help grow your business customer base through excellent internet marketing services and developing fantastic connections between your business and your customers. With our belief that the internet media should be linked to core marketing practices, we help companies to market their product and create awareness to their potential customers. We also do consulting services to businesses providing marketing analysis and marketing strategies to be adopted.

How we work

Our client assurances include dedicating its resources to serve its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner with the economics of outsourcing, this in return ensures that our clients grow their business, sales and developing a trustworthy connection to with their customers.

Who we are

We provide digital business solution that makes it unique in the online industry. We help grow your business and help you make money by offering excellent internet marketing services and developing a fantastic connection between our clients and their customers.

Our philosophy

Mariam Marketing Solutions integrity, honesty and professionalism make it stand out in a very competitive field.

Our services.

Social Media Marketing

It's 21st century and social media is growing at a fast rate.With more people joining social media sites and using them regularly.

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Content creation

Quality content increases customer understanding of your products or services , which in turn improves the percentage of return customers.

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Event marketing

Event marketing is defined by the tools, techniques and channels you use to promote an event to an audience.

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Branding and Logo designing

Brand identity is fundamental for every business. Your business needs a unique look and feel to make it recognizable in the global business and Mariam Marketing Solutions can do that for you

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Photography and Video shooting/editing

MMSolutions is a full-service digital media agency that plans, develops, and produces viral content, integrated marketing campaigns, and video advertising for companies and individuals
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Reputation Management

influencing and controlling or concealing of a company or group's reputation

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